The year is 1943, September 2nd.
Your worst fears have been realized, you were captured by the enemy from your respective battles and respective countries of origin and your respective jobs in the military.

Basic knowledge thus far Time overview

You have no idea where you are being taken, but you know its in eastern Germany.

Your objective, is to escape and escape with as many prisoners as possible, French, British, American, Canadian, Russian and even German traitors are being held at this sight, you may select a country of origin, you may select a branch of service, you will roll for rank.

Your nation of origin will give you bonuses that will be revealed once you create your character, same goes with branch of service.

This game is meant to be fun fillers when people don’t make it to our main games, anyone can DM and anyone can play or opt out at any time and still function.

You are close to where you are heading, can you escape?

Character Generator


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