the Battle of Innerhalb

who's who's POW?

The Germans began engulfing the POW’s, rushing with bayonets and sabers, rendering the commandeered tank useless as it could neither move fast enough in aiming or grantee not harming friendly troops. The POW’s lost the initiative and are out gunned, However not all hope was lost as they still possessed a numerical advantage with the last wave of fighters poring out of the camp.

Jorge Franklin, in the thick of it stuck in with a Bayonet by his downed opponent continued fighting. Using his skills to great effect, he beat down another German to the ground. However, fighting with one hand and bleeding he was stuck in by another German from his side, turning to face his would be combatant gave another opening by another German, pinned on both sides he began to fade out. His last view was him looking towards his fellow POW’s and noticing tanks beginning to roll in from where the tanks they acquired came from. his last breath was a sigh of relief as all faded into black.

George Butenko after continuously tossing grenades and firing his MG42 became a target. Up in his guard post he came under fire and was shot twice more. As the blood came poring out of him he continued to lay down whatever suppression and fire he could upon the enemy. However in the end, to his misfortune he passed out from a gunshot that grazed his head, this created a scar that cut clear into his ear and a impression into his skull.
In spite of this, George survived, drenched in his own blood he was eventually carried off by those who have medical knowledge and tended to. It was 2 weeks before he wakes up do to lack of medical equipment and actual doctors.

Unknowingly as he was relaying orders and inspiring the POW’s has made himself look like a officer and a high value target. During the battle he spotted the German officer Friedrich Wilhelm von Lindeiner-Wildau whom was kind to them-and treated them with respect. He relaid the position of Wilhelm to Aldric and that he was leading the charge. However, after saying something he saw the Germans who stabbed George begin rushing toward the wounded newsmen. Shielding Aldric Manfred stepped up rushing towards them with some men rallying to him screaming at the top of his lungs “I am OSS (the CIA of its time) and I am liberating this camp in the name of the allies!” He figured if he survives it would become a hell of a story, he figured if he died and they won it would be even better. In the end he found his peace.

Aldric Conlaoch Nussenbaum
Continuing to lay down fire he picked off who he could in the remaining German advance, eventually Aldric is informed by Manfred that the Friedrich is leading the charge on the POW’s and pointed out his position. Manfred now going out and charging the enemy Aldric was left with a choice, to shoot or not to. In the end he decided to not shoot him do to his compassion and kindness. However, seeing the charge be attempted to give covering fire for anyone who might shoot them.

Moments latter the tanks arrived, and they were in the hands of the POW’s, after a struggle with the Germans who were also sent to capture the tanks ASAP the two light tanks moved into the fray towards the battle. The battle worn Germans saw they were outmatched and began to surender, including Friedrich. Eventually weapons were confiscated and both sides tended to the wounded, both lacked medical equipment and medical personnel. The casualties were enormous on both sides with deaths at 80% and wounded at 10%.

Eventually, Fruedrich walked up to Aldric and said “why, all of these young men are dead and this all could have been avoided! Why! We all could have waited out this war! Was it worth it?”

This question would be asked time and time again throughout history, entire books, eye witness accounts and personal opinions continue to try and find the answer to this question.

The effects in the conflict

Allied high command Received Aldrics message, who then began scrambling German radio waves and intelligence reports to figure out whats going on. On the first day they discovered a Russian attack happening, but after some digging they discovered it was a false assessment of the situation. After that their was a information black hole. After one week of trying to find the events that unfolded they catch a break and discover a casualty report and a missing equipment report heading to Berlin with Urgency, as well as missing persons report, all allied troops.

Ecstatic allied command begins asking its allies and intelligence in the region what happened. Once again the trail goes cold.

Hans body was found by the motor-pool, where he was gunned down out in a open area heading towards the escaping POW’s cut in the fence line. He died alone with no one around him, no weapon in his hands or body. On his body was a bottle of snoops and a photo of a women along with an address on the back of said photo.

After leaving the Germans, the allies began heading south towards neutral Switzerland.

Snow begins to fall as they leave September 4th 1943.


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