Time overview

Over view of the war as of this day, September 2nd 1943 in Europe.

September 1st, 1939
Germany invades Poland in what is known as “The lightning war” or “blitzkrieg”.

Sep 3 – Britain and France declare war on Germany.
Sep 17 – Russia invades Poland
Sep 27 – Warsaw surrenders
Nov 30 – Russia invades Finland

January 17th 1940
The first German Enigma messages are decoded by British intelligence

Apr 8 – Germany invades Denmark and Norway

May 10th 1940
Germany invades France, Holland, Belgium, Luxemburg. Winston Churchill becomes Britain’s prime minister.

May 20 – German forces reach the British Channel.
May 27 – Evacuation of British and French forces to Britain at Dunkirk begins.
Jun 4 – The evacuation at Dunkirk ends. 338,000 troops were rescued. Churchill declares that Britain will never surrender.
Jun 9- Norway surrenders
Jun 10 – Italy declares war on the collapsing France and on Britain.

June 14th 1940
German troops march into Paris

Jun 18 – Russia invades Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia. Churchill declares this is Britain’s finest hour.

June 22 1940
France surrenders

July 10th 1940
The Battle of Britain air campaign begins.

Aug 15 – The Luftwaffe loses 76 aircraft in one day
Aug 25 – British night bombers bomb Berlin
Sep 13 – Italy invades British-held Egypt from Libya, the North African campaign begins.

Sep 27th 1940
Japan joins The Axis

Oct 7 – German troops enter their Ally Romania, Germany’s only source of oil which is threatened by Russia
Dec 9 – British forces in Egypt counter attack the Italians and advance along the Libyan coast

February 12nd 1941
Hitler sends Rommel and the Afrika Korps to help the Italians in North Africa

Mar 1 – Bulgaria joins The Axis. The Axis-Russian border now stretch from the Baltic sea to the black sea.
Apr 6 – Germany invades Yugoslavia and Greece

June 22nd 1941
Germany invades Russia. Hitler orders “maximum cruelty” against civilians, which results in fanatic Russian resistance.

Jul 3 – Stalin orders the “scorched earth” strategy
Jul 16 – German army group “Center” takes Smolensk, just 220 miles from Moscow.
Sep 15 – The long German siege of Leningrad begins.
Oct 2 – The final German attack towards Moscow begins (operation Typhoon)
Oct 16 – Russian government leaves Moscow, the Germans occupy Odessa.

November 30th 1941
The foremost German forces reach 27km from Moscow, but can advance no further due to strong Russian resistance.

December 7th 1941
The Japanese Navy attacks Pearl Harbor and the Phillipines, and the US joins the war.

Jan 13 – German U-boats begin to sink ships along the US East coast.
Jan 26 – US troops begin to arrive in Britain
May 8 – The German spring offensive in southern Russia begins

July 28th 1942
Stalin forbids further Russian retreats, at any cost

Aug 13 – Montgomery becomes commander of the British 8th army in North Africa

August 23rd 1942
The German 6th army reach Stalingrad, the battle of Stalingrad begins

Sep 6 – The German advance in Stalingrad is stopped.
Nov 8 – Allied forces land in western North Africa, at Rommel’s back
Nov 19 – The Russian flanking counter attack around Stalingrad begins
Dec 19 – The Germans fail to break the encirclement of their army in Stalingrad

February 2nd 1943
The last German forces in Stalingrad surrender

May 13th 1943
The long North Africa campaign ends. The Allies control North Africa

July 10th 1943
The Allies invade Sicily

Aug 10 – The Germans know the Enigma was decoded, but believe the new types and procedures are safe again.


Time overview

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