There's a loud explosion, and the crack behind you is much larger now

It’s all fun and games, until someone gets hurt!

Jorge ran back to tell the others what had happened to George – taken, along with some Russians, to the Enhanced Punishment building. He also described how the Russians were being mutilated by the Germans, describing the horrific visages he’d seen while out on work duty.

The group devised an ingenious plan to rescue their friend. They would find tank drivers and machine gun-men to aid in an escape attempt. They would start a “friendly game of poker” in one of the empty barracks, and then start a fire in that barracks shortly after nightfall. While the fire caused a diversion, they would cut through the fence on the other side of camp near to where the tanks were parked. The tank-men would secure a tank, and then the others would run around the camp to the other side where the Enhanced Punishment building was located. The tank-men would cause havoc, creating another diversion on the opposite side of camp, while they ran into the building to rescue their friend. Armed with a single small pocket knife and a pair of wire-cutters, what could possibly go wrong?!

George, however, had his own plans of escape – sheer luck. As he sat in a small 10′ × 10′ concrete cell with only a small 5" window and a small drain in the center of the floor, he decided to fill the room with smoke to try and cause the German’s concern. As he sat smoking cigarette after cigarette, he started hearing coughing sounds. Listening carefully, the sounds seemed to be coming from the drain. So, he pulled up the grate to reveal a dim light coming from a room beneath him. Guessing that his smoking was causing Germans below him discomfort, he vindictively flicked his lit cigarette down the drain pipe. A few moments later, a massive fiery explosion blew up from the room beneath him, shattering the door off of its hinges and crumbling large portions of the building itself. George escaped, with two Russian soldiers accompanying him, and hid outside in a patch of dense smoke.

Impressed with the massive explosion that Manfred was able to produce with only two small shots of homemade vodka and a match, the others began executing their plan. They escaped through the fence, procured a large Tiger Tank and two cars (didn’t know there was an actual motor pool here), and drove off to the Enhanced Punishment building. As they turned the corner, they found the Germans had amassed a large number of men in front of the decimated building. Aldric shouted in German: “We’ve come to help”. With that, the drivers spun the cars around and Jorge and another gunman opened fire on the wall of Germans with the machine guns that were conveniently mounted on the back of the vehicles.

What followed was nothing short of chaos. While George stood in the smoky fog tricking Germans into coming near enough for him to grab them and sling them to the ground, putting them at the merciless mercy of the Russians, the others fired on the Germans with guns … and the tank. As more Germans arrived, they sent men to cut through the nearest fence to gather allied reinforcements.

Aldric secured the radio tower, told the Germans that “Russians have made it to the camp and are attacking”, and then switched the channel to ask Allied Command for help. Unfortunately, the German maps were a mess, and he could not determine their specific coordinates, so he was only able to give them the name of the camp. Exiting the radio tower and analyzing the battle situation, he grabbed several men and ordered them to: “go to the motor pool and get the cars. We need the extra guns. And, do not let any Germans get any of the cars, or we’re all dead. Go! Now!”

Manfred secured a German officer’s uniform, and then found George to bring him back to the group. The reuniting was short-lived, however, when George saw more German officers approaching. He climbed up into one of the guard towers to focus the spotlight on the German troops, and scream maniacally as he laid down cover fire with the machine gun mounted in the tower.

The minutes that followed took their toll on both sides. As the allies destroyed the Germans left flank through a well-aimed tank blast that collapsed a building on top of them, the Germans busted through the allies’ right flank through sheer numbers and better weaponry. This nearly routed the troops, but Manfred stood up bravely amidst the rain of bullets, shouting: “I am special agent Manfred ??? of the CIA. I was sent here to destroy this camp and free all allied prisoners. It is imperative that every man stand their ground! Reinforcements are on the way!”

This rallied many of the men, who were able to stage a valiant counter defense, just barely holding back the ever enveloping German forces. “If only those cars were here!” Aldric thought. “What is taking them so long?”

Having to fight through a small battle had slowed them down, but the men had finally made it to the cars and were on their way. Unfortunately, time was running out for our heroes. With all of them sorely wounded, and the German forces closing in, it was only a matter of time before all was lost.

… to be continued …


tyllerboom jimmorte

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